c/o Old Bexley CE Primary School
Hurst Road, Bexley, DA5 3JR

Trust Leadership Team


Mr Peter Rhodes

Mrs Sarah Young

Mrs Sabrina Bridges

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Director of Education- Educational and Line Management of Schools.

Chief Finance and Operations Officer (CFOO) 

Educational team


Mrs Yvonne Bishop, Castilion Primary

Mrs Kathryn Laurie, Hillsgrove Primary 

Mr Oliver Winstone, Holy Trinity Lamorbey 

Mrs Jill Ivil, Old Bexley 

Mrs Liz Bennett, St Paul's Cray

Mrs Charlotte Rhodes, St Paulinus 

School Improvement and Moderation

Miss Katie Salisbury, Amadeus Principal

Mrs Michelle Fernandes, Hillsgrove Primary

Central Team

Mrs Lee Natusch 

Miss Raluca Costache

Mrs Kate Nineham

Mrs Katy Elston

Mrs Theresa Collins 

Miss Liz Costello 

Mrs Joanne Dennis (Casual)

Our Partners

Mrs Penny Reid, Eximia

Mrs Kirstin Miller, CoreGreen