c/o Old Bexley CE Primary School
Hurst Road, Bexley, DA5 3JR

Members and Trustees


The RDBE Executive Committee Member, Area Dean of Sidcup and Archdeacon of Bromley and Bexley are Corporate Members which have been in place since 29 June 2015.  The Appointed dates represent the date that the Corporate Member position was held be different person.

Mr John Constanti
Revd. Melanie Jemmett
The Ven. Allie Kerr
Mrs Ursula Ayliffe
Ven. Dr Paul Wright
The Ven. Katrina Barnes
RDBE Executive Committee Member
Area Dean of Sidcup
Archdeacon of Bromley and Bexley
Article 12 Community Schools `
31/03/2022 (retirement)
22/04/2023 (Interim appointment)
Appointed 08 Mar 2019
Appointed 28 Feb 2019
Appointed 24 Apr 2023
Appointed 18 Jun 2020

Amadeus Primary Academies Trust:

Trust Chair                                    Reverend Mark Blakely                                12.03.2024
Trust Vice Chair                            Miss Hannah Jack / Mr Andy McGuire       12.03.2024



Mr John Simms
Mrs Suzanne Ship
Mr Peter Rhodes
Mr Conor Noon
Miss Hannah Jack
Miss Maya Houssen
Reverend Mark Blakely
Mr Andrew McGuire
Mrs Patricia Milopoulos


Appointment confirmed 30.06.2023
Appointed 14.10.2021
Appointed 01.01.2022
Appointed 07.09.2022
Appointed 07.09.2022
Appointed 07.09.2022
Appointed 12.12.2022
Appointed 31.10.2023
Appointed 09.05.2024






Related Parties


Mr John Constanti

Member of Pilgrim MAT & Trinitas MAT. Incorporated RDBE & The Diocesan Schools Agency Ltd.

Revd. Melanie Jemmett

The Holy Redeemer Church PCC.  Mr B Jemmett has a Teaching Assistant employment contract at Old Bexley CE Primary School.

Mrs Ursula Ayliffe

Hillsgrove Local Governing Body

The Ven. Allie Kerr

Trustee at Bromley & Sheppards College.  Member at Aquinas and Trinitas. 


Mr Paul Allen (Chair)

Mr J Allen has a Teaching employment contract at Castilion Primary School. Mrs E Allen, held the position of Chair at  Hurstmere School during the financial year 2022/23.

Mr John Simms

Mrs N Simms has a Teaching Assistant employment contract at Hillsgrove Primary School.

Miss Hannah Jack

Mr A Wignall (Partner) holds a Local Governing Body position at Kemnal Technology College (TKAT)

Reverend Mark Blakely

Reverend Mark Blakely is a member of the Holy Trinity Lamorbey CE Primary School Local Governing Body.

Mr Peter Rhodes (CEO)

Mrs C Rhodes is Principal at St Paulinus CE Primary School. 

Trust Leadership Team:





Trustee        Mr Paul Allen 30.06.2023 - 28.02.2024


Trustee        Mrs Ida Marcia Philbin:   30/06/2019 - 02/04/2023


Member      Ven. Dr Paul Wright: 31/03/2022 (Original Signatory Member)

Member      The Ven. Katrina Barnes: 22/04/2023 (Interim Appointment)