Amadeus Primary Academies Trust

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The Trust’s mission is that:




















All those with governance and management responsibilities must recognise their responsibility towards the common good, not just of the Academies for whom the Trust is responsible, but of all of the families and the communities in the areas served by the Academies.


The Academies will work collaboratively with each other, sharing resources, knowledge and best practice, to fulfil the Trust’s mission, vision and values.

"Our schools will run on ethical values and principles which will be explicitly Christian in our Church Schools, and will be a force for good in their communities.


Our schools exist to serve all our children and young people, to nurture them to become everything that they can be and are meant to be.  Our vision is that all our young people become responsible, caring and compassionate citizens, neighbours, friends, and parents; who live their lives in love, faith and hope; who are generous of spirit, respectful of others and committed to justice and equality; who are courageous and ready to stand up for what is right.


Our schools will provide a broad and rich curriculum that stimulates curiosity, enquiry and independent thinking: excites and inspires all our pupils and students to learn and progress; and enables them to grow in resilience and self-efficacy.


Our schools will develop, support and challenge our staff to become everything they can be and are meant to be, and to become positive role models who know that they are valued for the quality of their contribution.


Our schools will work collaboratively, build excellence, aspiration, and improvement for all of our children and young people."

 Vision & Values